For-Passion Publishing
We are an all-in-one publisher ... we will write, edit, publish, print, and market your book ... or you can choose any of these services separately.
Our Secret Sauce:
Our secret sauce is composed of a pinch of basil, two tablespoons of parmesan, and 100% honesty and integrity. When comparing our fees, you’ll quickly see our prices are lower than most … while our quality is as high as the best. Publishing with us, you’ll know exactly what to expect when your book is completed … saving money, time, and disappointment. Another ingredient is our complete service menu. Years of experience makes creating your book a joy as we move through the stages of concept, outline, writing, editing, publishing and marketing. Add to all of this our seasoned spice of sincere interest in your satisfaction and success, and we believe we offer the best banquet in town.
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