Yo, this is Victor Slicktor!

I’ve got an unreal opportunity for you to kick some ass!
All you babes and dudes have a story you’re dying to tell…now here’s your chance!
No wimps or wannabees!
Stand up!
This is a full-on shot at Stardom! Become a published author!

Here’s What’s Happenin’…

I’m putting together a new series of anthologies, collections of stories written by styling cats like you.  That’s why I’m inviting you!
These anthologies will focus on one main theme like love, sex, drugs, concert craziness, you know, shit like that, like what matters.
If you’re down for this, here’s the deal…

The Deal:  

  • $154 to participate. (You shake this loose in one night at the clubs, right?)
  • Only 24 – 30 authors in each book…so you have to jump on this now.
  • You can write your own story based on the book’s topic; if you want, our editors will polish it for you.
  • 2,200 words max. That’s about 6 – 8 pages.
  • You’ll receive:
    •   1 printed copy
    •   1 ebook copy
    •   Discounts if you want more copies, like for gifts
    •   Publishing credit as an author
    •   Fun, fame and fortune (well…”maybe” on the fortune part!)
    •   A portion of the royalties divided equally among all the authors
    •   You want a hardcover copy? It’ll cost extra, but I can do that, too…
    •   A discount if you want YOUR OWN BOOK written, like I did

Here’s What’s Up: 

Our first anthologies are:
1. How I Earned my Balls
(Yeah, chicks can write on this topic, too! In fact, maybe I should do an all-girl book on this topic!)
2. The First Time I Had (Real) Sex
3. Living the Life
4. My First Orgasm
5. The Worst Traveling Experience Ever!
6. The First Time I Fell in Love

Deadline to Sign Up:  

  • This book is on the fast track. I need your PayPal payment by November 31st
  • I want your story by November 15th.
  • Expected publication date: Before December 15th  … in time for Christmas!

First Thing To Do: 

1. Contact me now at 917-860-7034
Get down with me! Let’s get you into this gig right away!