“Dr. Levine! Special thanks to you.  I can’t tell you how much you are appreciated.  This has been a very long and tiring process.  Sometimes, I’m shocked to see what has been written, and the mistakes we missed, but your insight and your eye for details is needed, and we thank you for assisting us.” – Jaqueline E

“My editor, Dr. Daniel Levine, your expertise, enthusiasm and dedication were invaluable to the success of this book.” – Joe M.

“All I have to say is that every once in awhile I am completely blown away and surprised… This is one of those times. I rate your manual as an A++. FANTASTIC JOB! I will be using a lot of your manual for all subsequent sales manuals.”  – Brian T.

Aces!!! I love it! Big hugs… thank-you so very much… – Lexis J.

“Dr. Daniel is professional, pleasant, and proficient. He is emotionally intelligent and a team player, who embraces change. He is a wonderful role model and hard worker.” – Joanne M.

“Hi, Daniel. Both Shelley and I think this piece of work is brilliant. I’m quoting Shelley, “Daniel writes as if he were talking to you, and he explains so well.  Charge on!”  You did a great job, better than I could ever imagine.” – LD

“I find that you show genuine interest in helping and your work is great!” – Jessica K.

“Thank you so much for going out of your way to spend so much time with my story.  You have been extremely generous.  It’s hard to know as you’re going along what is working and what’s not.
It’s an odd thing to not be able to recognize major flaws in your own writing, but be able to recognize good and bad aspects in other’s writing fairly quickly (especially in fiction).
Your notes were insightful and valuable. I went back and took a look at the spots that you found misleading, and the things you found that didn’t ring true. I agree in  almost all cases; but largely those missteps probably wouldn’t have occurred to me if you hadn’t pointed them out.  I’m learning as I go along with this, how important honest feedback is.  I’m going back to do a rewrite to address the issues you’ve raised, and I’ll see where I come out. Thank you again, your feedback was great.” – Matt S.

“Daniel, thank you so much! WE’RE DONE! It’s been an awesome ride! I appreciate your help and I’m VERY VERY VERY happy with your service. Any recommendations you need, send them my way! You get a double AA+ in my book!”  Victor S.​