Book Package Pricing​

We’ve been ghostwriting, editing, and publishing books for several years and we’ve learned that every client has different needs. Some clients want us to do everything, from creating their book’s outline, ghostwriting their entire book, creating their cover design, publishing their book, and even helping out with  marketing activities. Some of our clients only want selected services.

Because we customize our services based on what each client wants, it makes it difficult to give you a precise cost…but what we can do is give you some examples of different projects so you can have a representative idea of what the cost might be.

Example: If you’ve already written your book, it’s about 120 pages, and you just need us to proofread the manuscript, help with the cover design, and layout your book (make your manuscript look like a book), our cost is minimal…$2,500. You’ve done all the work…you just need us to finish your project, which we can complete in about two months.

Example: You need help organizing your book’s outline, and you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to writing the content. We can write it for you, with or without your guidance. If the book is about 120 pages, we will design the cover with your input, do the layout, and your fee will be about $15,000. We can have your book in print, from start to finish, in about four months.

Of course, books with more pages will cost more, but this gives you a good idea of what a minimally-sized book will cost. Because we customize to meet your needs, your costs will be reasonable and not inflated or accompanied by meaningless value-adds that have no value. (Please be sure to ask us about the traditional publishing industry and the new 21st century independent publishing industry for an eye-opening view of how publishing has changed!)

We have answers to your questions and we’re happy to share. It all starts with a conversation…please call us now and let’s get started.

Thank you! Daniel.     1-800-366-1290