Angel’s Trumpet Imprint


In service to All Beings, and in honor of the Light within, we offer our Hearts, our Intentions, our Spirits and our Joy to the community of Creators, intuitives, Lovers, dreamers and healers.
We invite you on this co-creative self-publishing journey of discovery and teaching, affirming your Truth and sharing your Essence with fellow Travelers, while expanding from the Wisdom and Presence of those among us who have explored other paths toward  Absolute Spiritual Alliance.
A series of Golden Age anthologies and annuals are now made manifest … your Higher vibrational energy is summoned for the transformation and benefit of Earthly consciousness into Higher levels of Beingness.
We envision the development of anthologies and annuals in the realms of spirituality, sexuality/sensuality, self-help, dharma, whole food, sustainability and re-localization grassroots activism.
The working titles of our  first three anthologies (an eventual series) are:
1. My Sweet Lord, George Harrison Fan Devotional
2. Just Like Starting Over: Transcending Financial Wisdoms for the Coming Age of Grace
3. A Vegan Activist’s Prayer & Cookbook
To collaborate with any one of these collections, each author will contribute $154 to cover costs and labor.
It is our intention to have no less than 24 co-authors, and no more than 30. Each author will create an article with a unique perspective that brings new light to the anthology’s theme. The specific viewpoint will be developed in dialogue with me so each offering is affirmed as distinct and exceptional, unfolding and blossoming with 2,500 words. 
Authors will receive one paperback copy and one replicable ebook copy of the anthology, as well as the distinction of being published in this Extraordinary Edition of similarly attuned Creators. A portion of  royalties from book sales will be donated to a nonprofit organization, and a generous portion of the royalties will also be distributed among the authors.
Please accept my welcome to be a part of the Light and All of the Love we shall generate.
Yours in Faith and collaboration, Isla
Isla Tula-Celestún
Muse and Editor, For-Passion Publishing
(206) 801-0874