Publish the Story of Your Faith

This is your opportunity to tell the story about how Jesus has deeply touched your life. Your story is unique, and you are the only person who can tell it. Whether your story is one of resurrection or forgiveness, of surrender, love or gratitude, your personal spiritual experience is important … and it must be told!

Your story will be a blessing for those who read it, and a legacy to your family and friends. There are still many souls who need to know the truth about the eternal glory and love of Jesus … and YOU can make all the difference.

The joy that fills your soul can be an inspiration to those who are still searching. Let the light of your lamp shine BRIGHT so others can be warmed by the brilliance of its glow!

You are invited to become a published co-author in our Christian faith anthology.

The details are simple:

Frequently Asked Questions

You own all rights to your individual submission, but the publisher has the right to publish the anthology.

Yes, you will receive two free copies. Additional copies will be available for purchase through Amazon at a discounted rate.

All royalties will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Yes. Your submission will be proofread and may be lightly edited. The final draft will be sent to you for your approval before publication.

Pastor Brad Whitsett has a Master of Divinity in Theology from Andrews University, and Dr. Daniel Levine is a lifelong educator, writer, and book publisher.

For an extra fee, we will record you telling your story. We will then write your story for you, and submit it for your approval.

Your written submission will be reviewed, and if needs additional attention, we can edit your submission for a nominal fee.