Have you ever dreamed of becoming a published author? Or being a contributing author in an anthology with other authors? If you have the desire to write, the desire to tell your story, the desire to be published, we can make this happen now!

We are passionate about the written word and excited with providing the opportunity you’ve been wanting. We have created a high-quality process for getting you published, either as the author of your own book, or as part of a collection of co-authors writing on a theme. You’ll also see that our fees are less than other publishing houses.


To participate in an anthology, contact me! We have several anthology topics that are now gathering co-authors, so you can join one of these new anthology teams, or if you belong to a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about your own topic, you can all co-author a book together.

To collaborate in an anthology, each author contributes $154 to cover costs and labor, and under the editor’s guidance, you write a story or essay of approximately 2,500 words, which is about five pages. Each co-author receives one paperback copy, a replicable ebook copy of the anthology, as well as the distinction of being a published author! Additionally, authors can receive discounts on purchasing more copies, which are great for promoting yourself and as gifts.


Perhaps you want to be the author of your own book? We can provide this service, too. You may have a great idea for a book, or want to write a book that promotes your business and brings you new clients and more business. If you want to write a book but don’t know how, or simply don’t have the time, we can write the book for you. Our staff can write, edit, and publish your book, with a smart-looking full color cover, and you can be a published author with a book solely in your name, in about 10 – 12 weeks.


We offer many other writing services as well. Choose any of the following that meet your needs.

  • Research
  • Transcription
  • Word Processing
  • Video
  • Publishing: layout, design, ISBN and bar code, copyright, etc.
  • Marketing

I look forward to speaking with you! Contact me today for a discussion about how we can help you tell your story and become published…now!

Anika Klix, Sales Manager and Editor

For-Passion Publishing