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We are an all-in-one collaboration publisher … we will write, edit, publish, print, and market your book … or you can choose any of these services separately. Our love of life and story and our wish to aid those with a heart’s desire to potentially influence millions around the world with messages that are not-to-be missed is our strength and our reason for waking up each day.

Our maxim – 100% honesty and integrity, devotion and IMMEDIACY. When comparing our fees, you’ll quickly see our prices are lower than most… while our quality is as high as the best. Publishing with us, you’ll know exactly what to expect when your book is completed … saving money, time, and disappointment. Another touchstone is our complete service catalog. Years of experience makes creating your book a joy as we move through the stages of concept, outline, writing, editing, publishing and marketing. Add to all of this our sincere interest in your satisfaction and success, and we believe we are the greatest independent press around.



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We are expert writers. We LOVE the written word, we dance with words, celebrate with them, fall in love with them! And, as it happens, we love words so MUCH that we can perform miracles for you if you need a (ghost)writer to help co-create your amazing ideas, stories, memories…all that hot poetry that’s inside you! So come dance WITH us! The results? A book you have authored and are proud to show. You can be as close to the development of your book as you wish, or you can request that we write your book for you, and only check-in periodically to make sure we’re on the path you’ve set.

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Publishing consists of preparing the book for printing and distribution.

We will:


Marketing your book requires the following:

Dr. Daniel Levine – Founder



|  P H O TO   C R E D I T S  |    Reader, Hartwig H. Koppdelaney (We added a little sepia tone of our own –
available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.
Mystery Writers, Nana B. Agyei (typewriter image-
available  under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License
Detail, by Daniel Chester French’s 1904 Bronze, “Labor Reading”
(statue image- available under
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.